A Spring Moment

I was thinking as I walked into work this morning, I should have brought my camera. It rained here last night and this morning is one of those rare beautiful spring moments. The trees are just starting to bud, bright yellow daffodils are blooming and the tulips are just starting to poke there heads out of the ground. I just love the smell after a spring rain.

It is so interesting to me that I have begun to develop a renewed interest in photography. It is strange to actually miss my camera. I have a tendency now to see the world through the camera and what might be a great photo. For me photography is just a hobby but one that I have begun to really enjoy.

In honor of spring this is a photo I took last year with my old Canon point and shoot, my sister was kind enough to slow down the car on our way into Jordan, ON:


There is a park nearby where I live, it think it is time for a walk this weekend.


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