Constipation of the Brain

So I have been struggling to find something to talk about in this very big idea I call my blog. I have never been a natural writer or someone who comes up with ideas quickly. As I write, I am being mocked by my sister who is thinking that this is taking far too much focus.

As I approach the end of my 30s, I have begun to realize that life is about taking chances and trying to find ways to have fun. My hair style is one that could be defined as “safe” and one that doesn’t bring me a lot of attention. As part of my new outlook on life, I gave my hairdresser the freedom to do what she wanted. It turned out to be a great experiment. My hair is now more about an expression of who I am on the inside – funky, fun and with a bit more of an edge. Goodbye shrinking violet! Okay so it’s purple -and maybe a tad too close to Adam Lambert’s hair style. I actually was trying to not look so close to a Wii character.

I am also sitting here watching an amazing special by Michael J. Fox. It so refreshing to watch a celebrity attempt to define what an optimist is based on life experiences. What a very timely special during a very dark time for some people in this world. I really need to purchase the book and read it. Perhaps it will give me some inspiration about how to put optimism in my life.  Michael J Fox is truly one of those special people and one I admire very much.

So for now I say goodnight. Since tomorrow is Friday I will wish you an early good cheer for a great weekend.


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