Cruising through life in the blazing sun!

I am thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t promise to post on my personal blog all that frequently. It has been a busy few weeks and I haven’t had a moment to write. It hasn’t helped that I seem to get way too many thoughts jumbled in my head and nothing I can put down on paper.

First thing that has me pretty busy is a catalogue project at work. I did have the process down to a science until this time it was decided to do it in a new program. Now I am in control of picking the books, laying out the pages (all 62 of them), fitting in the content and selecting the text styles. I actually find the challenge fun but with a tight deadline I am wishing I could figure out a way making it the whole thing go faster! I am also the company guinea pig since no one has tried creating a catalogue in this program, just textbooks. So far so good, it is actually working out really well.

The really big and fun activity was attending the Red Meets Pink Cruise on June 6th. We left from Pier 29 in Toronto, Ontario on the River Gambler. It was a five hour cruise and I had a blast. My Dad’s camera is at the moment out of commission so while he had the video camera I got to play photographer. I thankfully was not the only photographer so my Dad will have lots of photos to choose from to create the final video. This was a big challenge because it was super bright, on a moving boat and with lots of people. As my Dad reminded me I had to make sure there were people in my shots! I also still only have one lens and no external flash. With a little help from my Dad we figured out the best solution to compensate for the really bright sunshine was to slightly underexpose the shots. I was shocked to discover when I downloaded the photos I took over 500 plus shots. Not all worked but I took the philosophy to just keep shooting and have fun. I even took advice from Within the Frame, and made sure I tried to capture the feel and vision of the cruise. The most fun I had was photographing the children. I discovered when I sat on the deck and stayed at their level they would connect with me better. These are a few of my favourite photos from the shoot:

Happiness Bubbling Over!

Beautiful Young Lady

Is this close enough?

Only a few tips from my long day of shooting, remember to pack sunscreen and wear it! I got a tad sunburned and the worse spot was the back of my neck. I also got a photographers tan in front, with two white strips on my chest from my neck strap hanging down. I have immense respect for those who do this for a living, my knees and hips were sore for days afterwards with all the bending, sitting and standing I did. I even had a sore elbow from having my arm bent for most of the five hours.

Next big adventure will be a mini trip to Washington, DC with my Mom and Sister. I hope to get a lot of chances to take some interesting photos on this road trip. This will be my first long road trip with a camera that isn’t a point and shoot. The other goal is to find some reasonably priced lens for my camera in the US. Although I still haven’t had a moment to explore Henry’s Camera’s used selection. I have learned with my Sony that accessories and lenses are a little scarce. Sony hasn’t been on the market as long as the other camera companies. I am not disappointed I love my Sony and will patiently a wait for when used or new accessories are more readily available.

Till I blog again!


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