More Photos from Washington, DC

After getting positive comments about my photos from Washington, DC thought I would post a few more. Especially since Facebook where I normally post most of my photos changes my vertical shots sideways. Not sure that is a great way to present a photo and not fun for people to have to turn there heads or turn there computers sideways!

Metro SubwayA really cool looking station but had no AC.

Sunset on the RoofThis was a shot off of the roof of a parking garage.

White House Up CloseThought this was an interesting shot with the fountain balancing out the flag.

Framed MemorialThought this was a great way to frame a memorial photographed thousands of times.

Storm CloudsInteresting storm clouds just not sure of the post hard to change angles when in a car though.

Hope everyone enjoys the additional photos. I am very much enjoying my new hobby. I am absolutely delighted with my camera and my chance to express myself through the lens. I always love a challenge and will continue having fun for a long time to come. Next up though is the purchase of a flash and better macro lens. Hope to have those by the end of the summer or at least the flash in time for my cousins wedding the first week of August.

Next photos will be from the camping trip in Algonquin and this will be a whole new challenge. I will have my Dad with me who is an excellent photographer and is fully loaded when it comes to flashes and lenses. I may have the newer camera but my Dad can take some incredible photos with an older digital SLR.


4 thoughts on “More Photos from Washington, DC

  1. I don’t like watermarking because I find they mar the image. I don’t mind if people steal my images, really.

    Flickr is a great place to post your photos. There are even ways to plug flickr photosets into blogs and whatnot … Mostly Lisa’s professional site is a great example of a new frontend to a set of Flickr photos in the backend:

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