Moments In Time

After a very busy few months shooting everything that I can and being volunteered for a few events like a charity boat cruise and my cousins wedding have begun to realize my best photography occurs when I do candid type shots.

My personality is best described by a friend, as an introverted, geeky but cool girl. Still not sure if that is a compliment. I am just not comfortable with attempting to get people to pose and corral people for group shots. I prefer to blend in and make myself as unobtrusive as possible. I am still a long way from mastering the technical aspects of a camera but I am getting comfortable in capturing that one moment in time that are fleeting and sometimes hard to capture unless you have some patience. A strange concept for me, I never normally have a lot of patience but put a camera in my hand and suddenly I can sit still for an eternity trying to get just that right shot. Only problem with my style of photography I take a lot of photos.  Poor Dad, who assembles the photos with his video for the events we have attended, has to sort through hundreds of photos. For the wedding I even was using his camera since it had a flash and added a few more on his camera!

These are some of my favourite photos taken this summer from the various places and events I have been to:

Little Boys Fascination

This was a great moment with the entertainer on the charity cruise (a female impersonator who is wicked good). Little boy was in a lot of my shots he had quite the personality. Also loved the blue in this dress.

First walk as a couple

My first attempt at a classic wedding shot. I was parked at the end of the aisle and was just trying to catch the couple walking through the bubbles. Capturing bubbles on camera in bright light is a challenge. This is where I needed knee pads.

Craig a sweet cherub

This is my favorite photograph of the wedding weekend and the favorite of my family. This happened after several attempts since Craig never sits still. At this moment he was trying to get over a door mantle and he happen to look up just as I said his name. This spot also had that perfect amount of natural light.

The next big decisions I need to make it what I want to buy next. I have not been able to decide if a lens or flash is more important to my needs. I have an event coming in October that will be indoors but I can use my Dads camera if necessary since he has some pretty nice flashes and lenses. His camera is not my favourite in the world it can pretty heavy fully loaded. Decisions, decisions!

I am also looking forward to the fact Dad and I join a local camera club in September. This will be very interesting since the club appears to have a lot more advanced photographers then novices (ok advanced novice) like me. I suspect I will be listening to a lot of people speak Greek when it comes to the technical terms.  I love to learn so this will be a great new adventure for me, I love a challenge.

Thank god it’s Friday! Everyone enjoy the weekend.


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