Funny Reflections to my 16 year old self

Thought it would be a fun post to makes some reflections to my 16 year old self since I just turned 36. Yes I just aged myself, hard to believe its been 20 years since I turned sweet 16. Well okay so I maybe wasn’t the sweetest 16 year old but what teenager is.

I have to say to my 16 year old self that although you may think you are really fashionable you will get quite the shock when you are older and look back. Yes you usually look like you are dressing for a funeral wearing far too much makeup. I still have no clue why we though mustard yellow was a good colour for us. Leopard print was about the only thing you got right and it will become a big obsession when you turn 35 or so. You will also find the amount of clothes you own will vary, at your peak in your early 20’s you will have a massive walk-in closet full, then it will go through a phase where you can fit everything in the smallest closet you will ever see, not to worry we are back to having a very large closet. New rule is very every one thing you buy one thing has to go to Goodwill. Plus we still have a taste for the finer things but due to places like outlets and a good sense about sales we can give the illusion we can afford it.

On another note better get really good at packing. As you turn 16 you will make your first move and then you will be moving far more times than you can count. In actual fact you will discover at 36 you will still have stuff packed from your first move. I have to say you may want to attempt to collect less things but it will be tough. Dad won’t help by accidently making a hope chest the size of a small coffin. It will unfortunately not fit in any place you live in for the next 20 years!

Dating will be one of those things we just never get quite right. You will quickly find you have an attraction to boys that albeit charming could be classed as well serious bad boys. You will meet your soul mate but it won’t be like the Hollywood fairytales. Your soul mate will be one twisted, dark, charming bad boy that is so not good for you. Sorry you are just going to have to hope that there is a second one out there somewhere. On the topic of boys you might want to avoid the really charming one that you will eventually marry and divorce. He won’t bring you that house with the white picket fence or the pitter patter of little feet. He will be nice enough though to give you the gift of a psycho kitty. Cleo will arrive with a bad case of fleas and with a face only a mother can love. Be warned you will need a lot of patience because Cleo will be a handful.

I will say that life will give you a lot of challenges but you will come out the other end better for all of it. I might be giving you a bit of advice but I really wouldn’t change a thing. It is life challenges and successes that will make who you are. Yes we will realize at certain points in life we should have gone left instead of right but not to worry it all works out in the end.

Although I do have some photos from the 80’s thought I would post one of my rare baby photos (there might be more but I haven’t found them yet).


6 thoughts on “Funny Reflections to my 16 year old self

  1. Uh, I think that’s actually a photo of Erica, I think my dad took it.

    Just kididng! It does look like your chubby baby face!

    Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?

    And I’d like to see another post about what you think you’ll be doing in another 30 years – when you’re 56. 🙂

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