Refining a Vision in Lightroom

This is a short post on my neglected blog. It has been so far a crazy summer! I have several posts brewing but for now thought I would post about the fun I am having in Lightroom 3.

Lightroom 3 is by far the biggest purchase I have made to date in regards to my photography. It has been well worth the short term pain to my budget. I had thought I was doing pretty good with the program until I started reading David DuChemin’s Vision and Voice. Suddenly I had a whole new perspective on the develop tools in Lightroom and quickly realized that I wasn’t using them all that well.

I took the photo below from my recent trip to Bon Echo (longer post coming!) and shows the fun I had in finding my vision for the photo:

(30mm 100ISO f10)

(adjusted crop, gradient, tone, tone curve (light & dark), contrast, clarity, saturation and temp)

Now I have a big itch to go through the photos I took over the past year or so and see if I how much I can improve them although I have to confess most are in jPegs. I only started shooting Raw in the past six months. Plus my newest toys are in the form of filters which improved my photos immensely.

Till next time which I hope will be much sooner than later!


6 thoughts on “Refining a Vision in Lightroom

  1. ooh, good one! i’ve just got the 30 day LR3 right now, but am so in love. i’ll probably get it…that or make sure and edit a lifetime of photos in the next 26 days….

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  3. First, I am impressed with Andrea’s creativity. No doubt LR and she are a good mix.

    My continuing concern about Light Room is its architecture, which is founded on maintaining a catalog file that contains all your edit directions. That is helpful because it eliminates the process of saving different renderings of your photos among other benefits.

    The big downside is that if that catalog becomes corrupted, you are toast. Thus far, I don’t believe the LR engineers have created a catalog reconstruction utility function that will review and recover a partially corrupted catalog, if and when that catalog gets corrupted.

    File corruption is inevitable when the file is a database that is being accessed every time you make an edit. The message is, if you are going to adopt LR, make sure you have an excellent backup system for the catalog, not just the photos.

    • Thank you for the compliment!

      Actually Lightroom has a pretty efficient way of backing up. At the moment I have the original file plus a backup on my C drive. I then have the original and the backup on a backup drive. Should mean I recover from a corruption pretty fast.

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