Summer at high speed and what a ride!

This blog of mine has been sorely neglected this summer but I do have good reasons. This has been a crazy busy summer. For someone who’s photography is just a hobby it has begun to take up a lot of time!

This will be one of those catch-up blogs that will just summarize my photography activities for the past couple of months. Most involve my sister’s friend who is expecting her first child any day now. I have been nicknamed Baby Julien’s paparazzi with the amount of photos I have taken of of my friend Jesse’s baby bump and baby related activities this summer. I am also on call for the first welcome to the world photos plus a newborn shoot. All new challenges for me but I love the chance to learn.

First up was a fundraising cruise in June which took me till the last week in August to edit. I had quite a few challenges mostly due to the fact it was a night cruise. If there was any reason for upgrading my camera it is to improve the ability to shoot at night. All photos posted on Flickr here.

Next activity was a baby bump shoot for friends Jesse and Damian Julian. We had a blast at the beach on a perfect day getting some fun photos. Thankfully being friends I got to play with different lens and filter combinations without a whole lot of pressure. Jesse was only seven months along and mostly interested in capturing the excitement of the event then her bump. Photos posted here. Been reediting photos so one below is not in the Flickr set.

July also included the annual camping trip. This time we went to Bon Echo and had a lovely time. Several adventures occurred like a hour and half hike turning into four n half hours. We were not all that prepared and it was tough getting photos when I was concentrating on keeping my footing and not losing the path. Unfortunately I was not that careful and did fall. Thought at the time I had just bruised my right hand but instead actually injured a joint in my wrist. Partially why there has been no blogs, typing has been painful but things are improving with physio. The very special occurrence at Bon Echo was the fun of seeing a set of owls in our campsite, I didn’t get any pictures since I was making dinner but my Dad got lots. The one owl that stayed the longest didn’t seem to be phased by the flash or the clicking of the shutter.

Beginning of August was my cousins Steven’s wedding. My father volunteered to do the videography at both the Vietnamese and Church service. This was an interesting process since it meant attending two rehearsals in preparation for the big day. I was in charge of recording the church service from the groom’s perspective on a Canon T1i which was tricky but turned out really well. Only big issue was the church had no AC and I was above the fans in the spot I picked. If you would like to see the Vietnamese service it is posted on Youtube here (filmed and edited by my Dad). This is a photo of the wedding party that I took after the ceremony.

August also included Jesse’s baby shower which was great fun. All the photos for the shower are posted on Flickr here.

Next up is getting ready for my second season with the Don Mills Camera Club and my first time on the executive board. I am officially in charge of creating the newsletters and assisting with the administration of the Flickr group. I have also volunteered to assist with a few other tasks like organizing a couple of gallery visits.

Promise next post will be shorter and sooner. With a busy fall ahead should have a lot to write about and new photos to post!


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