New post for my poor neglected blog!

My poor neglected blog, it has been sorely ignored for the last couple of months. It seems I blinked and January turned into March. Partially parents are to blame, they made a last minute decision to move from Toronto to Fort Erie in under three weeks. Most of February was spent helping them move. It was a miserable weekend we picked, wind storm, snow and bitter cold then it took two loads of a 26 foot truck. Not something I am repeating anytime soon. I am warm and cozy at my current address!

Other reason for no post is that I have not had my camera in my hand since January. I have not had any time for my photography hobby. I did have a few fun camera club workshops, one on portraits and one on Lightroom 3. The other reality I am dealing with is that I am in need of upgrading my camera if I want to continue photographing indoor and night events. I have been doing some research and the Sony camera I would like is only available in the US. Just trying to work out whether I can fit the expense into my budget. At least with the a580 model I am considering it will use the same batteries and accessories as my current a300 model. Making the upgrade a little more affordable partially why I am not switching brands.

I do have a new toy though that I am having a lot of fun learning. I managed in January to win an iPad. It does not leave my side. I have been integrating into work and home. It has been great to practically go paperless and have a easy way to make notes during meetings. I have also become the unofficial iPad trainer at work. Although if I have a tough question to solve I just go to my friend and sales rep who has had one a lot longer than me. I even managed to write this post in Pages then pasting into the WordPress app. Favourite iPad apps so far:

National Geographic (I can get the monthly magazine again!)
PDF Expert
Vevo (a great Video app by Sony)
Early Edition

I have conditioned myself to download only paid apps that I will use mostly I have been trying to stick to the free ones if possible. Hoping soon to get a chance to explore the photograpy apps now that Spring is coming and I can get out for some just for fun shooting days.

So much for a short & sweet catch-up post but that is what happens when I take a couple of months to post. Hopefully the next one will be sooner and will contain some photos!


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