Silencing the chatter

I started this blog to kick start my writing skills and document some of my adventures. The only problem is I keep getting a type of writing block. I am finding the extra chatter going in my head has a tendency to slow down my ability to figure out what to write. Way too many ideas end up being crammed in there and then everything just gets all tangled up.

Silencing the chatter or at least trying to quiet it all down to a dull roar is the only way I can focus. Once I have it somewhat quiet that is when I can finally get things moving forward. The last few months have been all about challenges, learning and meeting goals. I am not normally one to set goals since I usually never meet them. In light of this I have been keeping my goals simple.

One of my big goals is moving my photography forward. One step toward that is trying to find something anything to shoot as often as I can. Unfortunately with the weather this has somewhat involved driving my cats insane (full set). The other part of meeting this goal is to finally explore the city I was born in, funny how little of it I have explored.  Some explorations have been not so successful like my visit to Guildwood Park (full set) where I somehow managed to have the wrong f-stop most of the time. My first visit to High Park (full set) was better although a little early not many flowers or trees were in bloom. The other part of this goal is to attend seminars where possible. I have signed up to see Jay Maisel in June and Scott Kelby in July.

The other major news of the year is that I have offered to be the secretary and newsletter editor for the camera club I am a member of. This is will be interesting with my pretty busy work life. Not sure what I was thinking but I know this will make for an extra crazy summer.

Now on to planning more blog posts or at least I will try!


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