Beautiful Summer Day Post

Haven’t been in the mood to do much writing has been super busy and I have been working on work projects in the evening. The mood struck while sitting in my parents beautiful little sun room that they have lovingly created. I get to sit bug free outside listening to the birds and the lawnmowers. Dad decided on Father’s Day that the lawn needed mowing. At least he is out of his computer dungeon 🙂

Been a hectic spring already but at least I am finding time for my photography. Attended a great seminar by Jay Maisel that provided a lot of insight. I love the fact that he focuses on everything but the technical. The point I will always remember is that it is about capturing the moment or gesture not all the other stuff that can clutter a photo. Photo may not be technically perfect but if it moves you then it was successful. Something I really wish some camera club judges would hone in on this point. When editing photos to keep and to not to keep will look at them with a different perspective.

Applied a few of Maisel’s wisdom at the event I was shooting this weekend. Tried to focus on capturing the mood and moments on the cruise. Concerned with the background and what was within the frame but knew if I there was no way of shifting or moving to just capture the moment. I have 535 photos to edit not all are keepers and some I took for my personal enjoyment Who could resist when you are on Lake Ontario on a gorgeous summer day. New lesson is to have a better sunscreen on, got a tad burnt especially on my nose and cheeks. The sun is definitely getting stronger as the years have passed. As soon as I have some photos edited I will do another post.

Next up is a two part engagement shoot in July. Not sure how but I have been asked to get the bride to be with fiancee and her nephew in front of a peacock at the zoo. This maybe one challenge that is beyond my skills. Going to need a bit of luck. Second part will be easier it is at a beach. I mostly just need a diffuser for my flash or possibly a portable umbrella. I know this beach has great shaded areas so will need to create fill light. Still haven’t mastered my flash so this will be a challenge.

Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s out there!


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