Crazy Month of November

Been awhile for posting but have to say it has been a crazy month! Not a whole lot of photography but lots of work and personal stuff. Decided to post before I turn 38 tomorrow. You know I am getting old!

Photography has been on the back burner although I still need to sort 400 plus photos from a fundraising event at the end of October. Then need to edit which I hope won’t take too long. This event was a challenge for lighting for an indoor event. Did discover reflector tape can mess with a camera’s sensor!

Managed to submit four photos to camera club’s first competition. Improved on scores a touch from last year but this going to be another rough competition season. At the rate I am going I will be a novice till I am old and grey. You need a certain number of award of merits (AM) and honorable mentions (HM) to move up. My record stands at one AM and one HM from last year! Biggest issue is judges who will not “think outside the box”, break a rule you get deducted marks. On the rare occasion you do get a few judges who award for creativity but not very often.

This months biggest task has been dealing with the aftermath of a second flood in our apartment. This time the floor lifted in several large spots, ceiling stained in living-room and kitchen counter warped. Thank you to parents who arrived at 9pm at night from Fort Erie on a Wednesday to assist with clean-up! We had to wash every dish in the cupboards, dry out a stove and dry out lights.

This all occurred in the middle of me having to complete an emergency work project. Thankfully had an understanding boss since I had to work from home or take time off to deal with management, arrangements, keys, clean-up and packing (plus unpacking).

The big adventure was having to move two adults and three cats to a guest suite for several days. Two of our cats, Mickey & Rajah have never been anywhere but here. Mickey also has a big aversion to carriers. Mickey and surprisingly Cleo weathered the move like pros. Both adjusted fairly quickly. Rajah on the other hand was not pleased. Spent most of his time in the guest suite in the bedrooms. He was also not feeling the love from the ladies of the house. He got hissed at a lot and Mickey even swatted him a few times. Never seen a cat so glad to be home, Erica who carried him in the elevator (and is now deaf from yowls) watched him jet out of the elevator and impatiently bang head on door for in.

The two adults were okay other than having no internet at night and watching TV old school. Basic cable with a very small TV. Erica’s biggest concern was missing sweeps month. She jury rigged the TV in our apartment to be plugged in and attached to cable. Workers did not unplug cable and nothing was missed much to my sister’s relief.

Apartment looks pretty good, floors are shiny and ceiling is white. Only wish building would hire true professionals. My toes and ball of foot are immortalized in varnish unless I can figure out how to fix! Hadn’t realized a puddle of varnish (workers spilled?!) is still semi-soft. Warm sunshine and a warm foot was all that was needed to put my mark on the floor. New rule socks at all times till floor cures.

Next will be finishing up fixing the flood damage. Realized just as we finished up the last of the packing the kitchen ceiling is now peeling and cracking. Just praying that none of our plaster walls crumble like after the first flood.

Plus some decisions will need to be made about the lights that took the brunt of the water damage. Sister’s favorite ceiling fan has been soaked twice. Remote controls fried the first time the second time has added to corrosion. Only problem fans are expensive so this will have to wait till next year. Kitchen light is in okay shape will be fine after a good cleaning but will need to reassess next year too. The only light needing immediate replacement is a floor lamp, base crumpled and at the moment is being held up by a wall!

We now have the cleanest apartment in Toronto if not all of Canada. Good thing too since there is a party this afternoon. Nothing like a previously planned birthday party to speed up unpacking, reorganizing furniture and clean-up. For those who have asked will post photos of apartment as soon as I get a moment.

Crossing fingers the rest of 2011 to be uneventful, although I probably just jinxed it!

PS Had to write this while dealing with a very clingy Cleo. She was determined to interrupt my typing by banging elbow and rubbing head on iPad! At the moment she is finally napping quietly beside me. Phew!


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