This is the section that always trips me up. I have never been very good at answering this question. I am very introverted and not so great at self analysis. But I am willing to give it a good try. I promise I will try not to ramble on too much.

I have been described by friends as being a geek but one who prefers everyone not to know. It has become increasingly difficult to hide though.

I have been using computers since I was 5 which means I have been using computers for nearly 30 years. I started by testing Scholastic software on early Apples. My father has had his own educational software company for 25 years so I have been exposed to various technology, sales, marketing and product development. We have a running family joke that my Dad’s company was in the early days run with child labourers. I spent a lot of time assembling product binders, testing software and attending conferences. Mind you I got paid either in food, books or trips to Disney World so I had it pretty good.

As a young adult I worked full time for three years for my Dad. I attended up to seven conferences in a year and worked long hours. Working for a small company meant I got to do just about everything. I helped with accounts receivable, accounts payable, database entry, sales, marketing, product testing and even helped create a website using very basic HTML.

After a two year stint completing an advertising/marketing degree at Georgian College, started at the company I am currently at. I have been with Pearson Canada for 11 years. My speciality at work is learning new technology, supporting accounts and data analysis.

Outside of work, I enjoy, reading books, playing games, dabbling in photography and exploring the internet.I also have the fun of living with my sister, and three cats. Two are hers, Mickey and Rajah and one is mine Cleo. It makes for an interesting household some days.

I am a female gamer. I love playing role-playing games. I started in grade 8 playing D&D, one of only two females in my school. I have always been a bit of a tom-boy. I have been playing World of Warcraft on and off for the last year or so. My favourite games of all time are any Final Fantasy games.

My big hobby as of late is photography. I got as a gift at Christmas my first DSLR a Sony a300. I had up to that point been only using point and shoots. I was definitely finding the limitations frustrating. It has been a lot of fun to finally get back to taking creative photos. I did once use a fancy film camera but that was back in elementary school. I even took a dark room course at that time. I have begun the long journey of learning all aspects of my new camera. Next on the list are some new accessories.

So that is me in a nutshell, okay so that was a tad longer than I thought I was going to write. If I think I missed anything I will add as time goes by.


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