Wipeout in more ways then one!

It has been a funny night in my house. My sister and I are watching the most sadistic show on TV, Wipeout and it is hilarious. We really shouldn’t find it funny but we do. I have watched the Japanese version which is just about as bad and as funny. While we are watching this, our own drama is playing out in the background.

As a quick background note, we have three cats in the house. Two belong to my sister, Rajah and Mickey and one belongs to me Cleo. Cleo is not quite right in the head and doesn’t have a great relationship with my sisters two. It has a tendency to be a bit chaotic in here some nights, a lot of “stop that”, “Rajah stop”,  “Mickey you are not helping”, “Cleo stop growling” etc.

Tonight my sister decided to wash the kitty litters and give them a good clean out. We have three, one for each cat, two small and one large for Rajah. Rajah’s was cleaned the other night since he was doing the kitty litter dance as we call it. Tonight Rajah took offense to being left out of the kitty litter box cleanings. As we were sitting here, I could hear something coming from down the hall, Rajah had decided in revenge to pin Cleo in her kitty litter box. I quickly rescued Cleo who was seriously not happy. A few moments later Rajah decides to do it again. Poor Cleo! After much laughter at the situation, my sister decided before Cleo had an accident to clean Rajah’s. We wish Rajah was not quite so smart, he never misses anything and never forgets.

Well it is all quiet again, not sure for how long so back to watching our taped Wipeout from last week. Never seen so many strange, insane, odd and just plain weird people on one reality show!