Long Journey Home

So the long journey home started on Friday morning at 10 am in Virginia. We decided that we would take our time getting home. Erica decided we should go visit the sweetest place on earth and make a stop for some chocolate restocking. After stopping for a late breakfast or early lunch we made it to Hershey, PA. It is a very pretty town and the light posts are Hershey Kisses. The tour at the factory was very interesting. It is hosted by an animated cow and features a bunch of singing cows. Apparently cows are very important to the making of chocolate. I agree but not so sure about the singing part!

Singing Cows

After a great time at Hershey and getting our next six months supply of chocolate we started for home. My sister decided based on Nigel that we could make it home around 12:30am in the morning. She unfortunately forgot to calculate in construction and a very busy border.


It was a gorgeous drive home. We hit a few flash storms, got to watch the sunset and even got to watch some fireworks. It was a extremely long trip but it was nice to finally be able to sleep in my own bed. We also had very happy cats. We didn’t crawl into bed till about 2:30 am though so it has been a weekend of just recovering. Our family has a tendency to need vacations from our vacations.

sunset on the road

I have learned a few important photography skills on this trip. I really need to master taking photographs in low light with no flash. I know for low-lighting I can correct some of the issues with a flash but there are going to be occasions where flashes are not permitted. I also need to figure out how to keep a camera steady when you are in a moving object. Figured out how to do it from the back of a car but very different when you are on a ride. I did realize on this trip that my purchase of what I thought was a bit of an expensive camera bag from Kata, turned into an excellent idea. The bag is not an immediately obvious camera bag and has just enough pockets that I can turn the bag into my purse too. The bag was also incredibly water proof so even in a down pour my camera stayed dry (unlike myself).

My next adventure will be taking the camera camping and on a canoe. I am just crossing my fingers that we do not have any accidents since we will have two SLR’s in the Canoe!