Speeding towards 2010, blink and you will miss it!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time lately to post. It is an insanely busy time of year both personally and at work. In honor of my new French friend though, thought I would try to come up at least one last post before we speed into 2010. I can not believe it is only seven days till Christmas Eve.

I haven’t had a lot of time for photography although I have managed to buy two used lenses, a bigger memory card and an extra battery. I got spoiled for my birthday in November and got some gift certificates to Henry’s. Still have one gift certificate to use but haven’t decided what I want to spend it on. It might eventually go towards a flash.

I did recently get a chance to try out my new 50 MM F1.4 Minolta lens at a casual portrait shoot. Neighbors of Mom asked whether Dad or I could possible take a few photos of herself, her husband and her infant daughter. Due to timing issues I have only managed to have a shoot with Mom and daughter. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit. I was going to try and use a beanie bag chair but was unable to locate one in time. Instead we used a small side chair which turned out to be okay for positioning but I kept getting a chair arm in the pictures and cutting off extremities. Need a little more practice with the lens and remember my position in relation to my subject. I am hoping when we schedule the family portrait I can do a try two with the daughter. I am going to try and find a bean bag chair for the next time. I have been following a photographer named Amanda Kern and I love her stunning infant photos. I have trying to pick up a few tricks and tips from her blog postings, hope Amanda doesn’t mind. At the moment I am holding back on posting photos, haven’t had a moment to ask permission or been able to process any of them from the first shoot.

The other lens I bought is going to be a test of all my skills. It is a Sigma 50 MM – 200 MM F4 – F5.7. I tried to use it on an outing and managed to get every shot out of focus. I have quickly realized I need to use a tripod, not my favorite piece of equipment. I also need to know how to change the speed on my camera, so I can minimize the blur when using the lens fully extended. Practice with this lens will need to wait till next year when it is a lot quieter and I get some time to focus on honing some more advanced photography techniques. Just hope I don’t regret buying it, thankfully it was also from the used store so I didn’t pay a fortune for it.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!