Late Spring Blooms

On Sunday we decided to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live on the Niagara Parkway. They have a gorgeous house with a lot of beautiful perennials. I happened to visit just as their bearded Irises were blooming. My Uncle was delighted to see I had brought my camera since the Irises have a short blooming cycle. The Irises range from white, light blue, dark blue and yellow.

My first inclination was to film in the early afternoon which I realized was not the most optimal time to shoot. I kept getting my shadow on the white flowers. I then waited till the time all photographers recommend just as the sun is going down giving a softer light and better sense of the Irises true colours. Since the sun was getting low I also got a nice photo of the sun behind a bunch of pink flowers making them almost glow.

Glowing Pink Flowers

White Iris

Blue Iris

Enjoy the photos, I know I had fun although it was a pretty cold late spring day in June!