Saturday Fun at the Show

Today was a day for a bit of fun and drooling over lots of digital photography equipment and other fun gadgets. Dad and I headed out this morning to the Henry’s Digital Photography show at the International centre near the Toronto Airport. Not a big show but fascinating to say the least to wander around at, all the major camera vendors are there and a lot of smaller vendors who specializes in some pretty creative gadgets.

Funny enough, Dad and I became a fascination for one man we ran into who was surprised to see me hanging out with my Dad at a camera show. One thing I did observe is everyone at the show was pretty friendly; Dad had several conversations with attendees and vendors.

I had promised to behave myself especially this is a selling show and there are a lot of deals to be had. I was doing great until I fell in love with a very cool camera bag from Kata Bags. An incredibly light weight well designed bag that comes with a rain cover that can be used for the bag or camera, great pockets and an ergonomically designed shoulder strap. It was one of those had to have it moments. As I was buying that the gentleman at Henry’s pointed out that my camera didn’t have a UV filter to protect my lens from scratches and smudges. I figured I would rather prefer to replace a UV filter then a costly lens!

I definitely now have a list of items I wish to purchase in the near future. Sony has a new compact flash coming shortly that will be perfect for my purposes. Not a very powerful flash but allows you to bounce or use direct light with a flip of a switch. The flash is also small enough to not add a lot of extra weight to my camera.  I am also very interested in an Epson Artisan 700 printer that has a scanner built in. The printer is very slick and is wireless. No more wires is sweet, I could print from any room in the house. I just love equipment with no wires.

Overall a good day for dreaming and spending a lot of money in my head!