Experiment with photos instead of words.

In honor of the photographers of having been absorbing ever tip and trick I can from, I am going to try to do a blog with less words and more pictures. I am hoping they make people stop and pause. I took these all on my last trip to the cottage and was trying to just experiment with shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Any feedback you wish to pass on is greatly appreciated.

Fluffy Clouds

Touch of Orange

Touch of Sunshine

Moment of Calm

Fishing with the Clouds

Abandoned in the Shadows

Model Behaviour

Jewel in the Nook

I look forward to the next experiment and learning as much as I can about my new hobby. Till the next post!


Screaming Good Time!

I had always thought of myself as a pretty tough girl. I go camping at least once a year and spend quite a bit of time at my cousin’s cottage. Apparently this last trip I discovered I am still at heart a soft city girl. Never helps when three women are left to fend for themselves well stocked with wine!

First fun of the trip was Wednesday night. We decided to watch a few episodes (actually 4 of them!) of the first season of Mad Men. Did not know we were to be accompanied by the loudest cricket we have ever heard. We thought at first it was one of the fans so we turned them off. Then we though one might be near a window so we closed the window. Nope that did zilch to turn down the volume. Who knew crickets could be that loud. As we were getting ready for bed my sister quickly figured out that the offending cricket had to be in the cottage somewhere and she was right. Only one problem who would be the brave soul to capture it and take it outside apparently that volunteer was me. First few attempts failed and as soon as the thing jumped everyone screamed. After a huge fit of giggles successfully got the cricket out of the house unfortunately we quickly realized there were two. It was the invasion of the ugly black bugs that can jump! Second removal went a lot smoother.

Thursday was interesting because I found out ants can bite. I was wondering around the back yard and was pretty nonchalant about the little bugs crawling on my foot. Then much to my surprise they suddenly started biting. I have never been more shocked. My sister was laughing at my frantic attempts to get them off. Stupid ants!

Thursday was also the night of the big storm. In Campbell ford we got a sheet lighting , heavy rain and wind. We were enjoying a quiet dinner in the sunroom with just candles so we could enjoy the storm. I quickly discovered I have not just a flight response but a flight and fright response. After one particularly spectacular lighting flash, the biggest crack I have ever heard occurred (a maple tree nearby was split in half). My first instinct was too scream then dash to the livingroom. My sister thought I saw something (watches way too many horror films) and quickly followed my lead. Mom was right behind her. Poor Harry (my Mom’s cat) ended up in the livingroom flattened to the floor, poor guy!  Tempete slept through the entire storm and screams, lucky cat is pretty deaf. After much laughter and more wine we settled in to watch more Mad Men. Slightly more difficult than it sounds since we had a couple of power outages while watching and the PS2 does not have scene selection.

It was a really fun five days at the cottage with lots of adventures. On Saturday evening we lost power for several hours, which meant dinner and socializing by candlelight. Only twist is that with no electricity the water pump doesn’t work. No water means no working toilet!  I also had a great time experimenting and learning my camera. I had three of Scott Kelby’s digital photography books with me and learned some great tips from them. I will post photos in my next blog post. I haven’t had a moment to process them although I do not touch my photos up that much. I am still learning how to use various programs like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Post again soon!