Happy New Year!

Not sure why but I have not had as much energy for writing for my poor neglected blog. At the time of writing stranded in Fort Erie due to my sister getting the flu and a significant snowstorm. I don’t drive so I can not assist on getting us home!

It has been very busy with camera club, family and the holidays. Plus a few changes at work including one unexpected resignation. Still adjusting to not having a person whom I highly respected and was a great supporter of me no longer working with me. Tough it occurred just as I was goodbye to the President of our Canadian company, a man I knew for 14 plus years.

Everything changes in time just seems there have been a lot recently and more on the horizon. It is making me think and very restless. Time moves at a swift pace and approaching my second half of life is a scary thought. Never thought I would be single, no kids, and no real dates in eight years as I move closer to 40. Finances are pretty scary too, I try but need to try better on savings and retirement.

Trying to stay focused on my photography but it has been a bit of a struggle both for time and creativity. Camera club position entails administration work, emails and keeping lots of stuff organized. Fun but when you add leading workshops, outings and other extras it gets a bit crazy! Been a few challenges but trying to tough them out.

Newest hobby is trying to get back into film. Have managed to acquire a Canon AE-1 and a Konica. Have the Canon ready to go but not the Konica yet. Canon will be fun, it has a long range telephoto, a macro and a 50mm. A good selection of lens. Also have a variety of film mostly 400asa just to start. Hoping a group of club members who like the idea of “going retro” can meet up early in the new year.

Other than that need to stay focused on reaching a few goals in the New Year. I am not big on putting them in stone but will post the ones I manage to succeed at!

Here’s to 2013 bringing love, happiness, prosperity and lots of fun challenges.

Happy New Year!

Andrea Gimblett




Speeding towards 2010, blink and you will miss it!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time lately to post. It is an insanely busy time of year both personally and at work. In honor of my new French friend though, thought I would try to come up at least one last post before we speed into 2010. I can not believe it is only seven days till Christmas Eve.

I haven’t had a lot of time for photography although I have managed to buy two used lenses, a bigger memory card and an extra battery. I got spoiled for my birthday in November and got some gift certificates to Henry’s. Still have one gift certificate to use but haven’t decided what I want to spend it on. It might eventually go towards a flash.

I did recently get a chance to try out my new 50 MM F1.4 Minolta lens at a casual portrait shoot. Neighbors of Mom asked whether Dad or I could possible take a few photos of herself, her husband and her infant daughter. Due to timing issues I have only managed to have a shoot with Mom and daughter. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit. I was going to try and use a beanie bag chair but was unable to locate one in time. Instead we used a small side chair which turned out to be okay for positioning but I kept getting a chair arm in the pictures and cutting off extremities. Need a little more practice with the lens and remember my position in relation to my subject. I am hoping when we schedule the family portrait I can do a try two with the daughter. I am going to try and find a bean bag chair for the next time. I have been following a photographer named Amanda Kern and I love her stunning infant photos. I have trying to pick up a few tricks and tips from her blog postings, hope Amanda doesn’t mind. At the moment I am holding back on posting photos, haven’t had a moment to ask permission or been able to process any of them from the first shoot.

The other lens I bought is going to be a test of all my skills. It is a Sigma 50 MM – 200 MM F4 – F5.7. I tried to use it on an outing and managed to get every shot out of focus. I have quickly realized I need to use a tripod, not my favorite piece of equipment. I also need to know how to change the speed on my camera, so I can minimize the blur when using the lens fully extended. Practice with this lens will need to wait till next year when it is a lot quieter and I get some time to focus on honing some more advanced photography techniques. Just hope I don’t regret buying it, thankfully it was also from the used store so I didn’t pay a fortune for it.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!