A glimpse of tail turns into four tails and fun!

While on of my walks at the cottage I thought I glimpsed a tail go into a bush so I thought I would check it out. As I rounded the corner this beautiful cat makes her presence know, not sure if she was feral, a barn cat or someone’s pet but she was very friendly. Then much to my surpise bounding out of the bushes was three beautiful kittens. It was great fun to try and capture them on camera, tough since they were always moving, playing and exploring. Never did figure out where they belonged or where the family was going but it was a rare encounter I enjoyed.

I will hopefully have another posting soon, I purchased a 30 mm macro lens and will need to learn how to use it and a tripod. Tripods are not really my thing so this will be a bigger challenge then when I was learning my telephoto lens.

Till next time.