Thrilled for such a brief moment in time

It has been a rough week in our house and it seems in the entertainment industry. It started for us Sunday when we had two elderly family members pass way. It is also the anniversary of two of our grandmother’s deaths.  June seems to be one of those months. Not sure why though.

After reading the sad announcements of Ed McMahon and then Farrah Fawcett I knew the heartache their families were going through. What I was not expecting was the surreal moment of reading the announcement that a childhood icon was suddenly gone. I never thought I would hear so soon that the legend Michael Jackson is dead.

Jackson was the artist that started my obsession with music. Jackson was the first record I bought. I saved up my allowance to buy it and wore it out. I remembered the legendary Thriller video that changed the video industry forever. I am still in awe of how he could defy gravity with some of the most incredible dance moves ever created. I never got a chance to see him live but even his concerts changed the face of music. It is a very sad day indeed and I hope everyone remembers him for what made him an icon and a music legend.

I wonder some days why some are taken so soon, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, John Candy , Princess Diana, Heath Ledger,  and so many more it just seems unfair, there stars burned bright but only for a brief time. It is a time to remember all those who came before us both those who entertained us, changed the world,  and family members. Life is precious and no one knows how long we are destined to be here.