Speeding through the Fall

It seems I am down to blogging once a month, not sure if that is as much to do with not enough to say or just being too busy! I am leaning towards too busy, at this time of year everything seems to speed up, time flies and if you blink you miss something.

This month I took the brave step of entering my photographs in my first competition with the camera club I joined. I entered four digital photographers and three prints. The prints were the most work, didn’t realize matting took so long. It took my Dad and I about four hours to matt about nine photos. Think we need to figure out how to speed up the process or stick just submitting digital photos. This Thursday and next Thursday I will find out how my photos are received. Not so sure about being judged but I will be interested to see what comments I get.

This month also marked the first time I took entire weekend of photos in the Raw format. It got a little tricky afterwards due to a bit of a mix up on available software. For now I am using a demo of Photoshop CS4 and I hope to be able to afford Lightroom in December for a more permanent solution. As I twittered I promise to never go back to jPegs. Yes I know everyone told me about RAWs but I had to find out for myself. I love the fact I can adjust every nuance of my photos including white balance. Good thing because I haven’t quite figured out how to white balance in camera yet. One step at a time!

Some of the photos from the weekend were from when Dad invited me on a car ride through the backroads of Campbellford. Found some interesting roads including one that was a apparently a dead end but as a blast to check out. This wild road, had some of the worst hills and blind corners. Sometimes it fun just going for a relaxed drive with lots of photography stops.

Battered Mailbox

Golden Tree

Sunset on the Back Road

If any of the photos in the competition get a mention or a good score I will post them for all to see. Till next time!