Adventures or better yet misadventures with Nigel

We started our road trip on Saturday and arrived in Washington, DC this afternoon. It took a little longer than expected since we took a detour to do a little shopping on the way.  It is par for the course when traveling with three ladies.

Nigel is the name of our TomTom (GPS system) and is usually very reliable until we arrived in Washington. Poor Nigel even found this area confusing. Our first adventure was trying to get into Washington. We had to do some sort of weird u-turn off a main highway onto a side highway then a sharp right turn. Nigel went silent at the wrong time and we went left which then caused us to do a twenty minute backtrack to try the whole weird thing again. This time just as we did the u-turn we saw a beautiful light brown deer on the side of the highway. After an incredible gorgeous drive through the suburbs of Washington we managed to get into downtown and Nigel failed us again. We were trying to get to the convention centre unfortunately Nigel was horribly confused by the one ways, no rights except from service roads and no left except during certain times. After going around the block several times we did reach the convention centre … phew!

Thankfully we managed to get to the hotel from the convention centre without incident although driving on Washington’s highways are like taking your life into your own hands. It is bit like driving a Nascar circuit. The adventure from our hotel to the shopping area was a different story. Nigel apparently didn’t know that in Fairfax, VA maps change daily. We asked it to find some box stores on Lee Highway. We followed directions and started driving down Lee Highway. We quickly realized that we were driving through a Civil War Battlefield which is a heritage site. After ten minutes or so Nigel announced we had arrived. Apparently our box stores had magically transformed into a large battlefield. We were wondering if maybe they had been accidentally destroyed by canon fire. I unfortunately did not have my camera but it was a very interesting area with civil era homes, fences and monuments.

We did eventually find the box stores and restaurants and realized Nigel had taken us the long way. I am just not sure why. From this point forward we are taking the Metro, Washington’s subway system. This will be a whole new adventure since it is apparently having a lot of issues, including accidents, service outages and track problems. I have a funny feeling this is going to be an interesting week for travelling.