A Whirl of a September

It has been a very long time since I posted but it has been super busy!

This month joined a local camera club. Already met a few really interesting photographers. One who is named Pavel and does these incredible landscapes. Pavel is one photographer I really want to learn a few things from. The other gentleman is an incredible HDR artist. His website is at www.garyjcarr.com. At times I find it hard to distinguish his regular photography from his HDR work. I will die a happy woman if I can have just 1/16 of their talent! This Sunday will be a workshop to Dundas, ON if the weather holds out. Will post photos if any work out.

The other event of September is we took the two girls we look after occasionally to my cousin’s cottage. We try to take them at least once a year. It is one big adventure for them and very tiring for those trying to keep up with them. The youngest is two and the oldest is 5. Both girls are aware that I normally have a camera and at one point requested I take some photos. Unfortunately I struggled with lighting and taking photographs of two girls who don’t stop moving. The photos below reflect the mood of the shoot but I clearly needed a bounce flash or figured out how to get the lighting just a tad better:

Girl One Photoshoot

Girl Two Photo Shoot

The next day was a bit better since we were outside but again it was tough getting good shots of two very active girls. I got a few though that were super cute and reflected their personality:

Girls in the Backyard

Peek a Boo

I also had a bit of fun and followed the river for awhile. Took a few creative photos just for fun and to play with aperture and shutter speeds:

Trees start to Change

Water Rush

Fun with currents

Hopefully my next post with lots of photos with be sometime next week!