Early Morning Sunrise

For some reason this morning I was up early and noticed that due to low cloud coverage the sunrise was creating a beautiful scene. Thought I would try to capture it with my 50MM lens. I for some reason could not capture what I was seeing using the A setting but I was fine on the P setting. Going to need to figure out what I was doing incorrectly. I used my 50MM and was suprised to get a fairly good shot even through my very dirty windows. I have a nice vantage point being in a high rise and living fairly near the top. Enjoy my rare morning shots since I am normally not a morning person!

I have also grown to love Lightroom 3. I have very much like the quick editing I can do to my raws and then export them into jPegs. Not fancy editing but great for posting and sending to friends. I will need to eventually take a course on Lightroom so I can maximize its benefits. Another task for my growing to due list.

For now good night!