Change is like time never stopping. I am realizing as I get closer to turning 39 and realizing that 40 is far closer than I am comfortable with. Change is something that I have been thinking about a lot.

Much to my sister’s horror, decided to downsize to a single bed from a queen. It is a realization that I am very much single and with that not changing any time soon went with gaining more space in my room. This will allow me to add a desk for my computer which was recently upgraded due to my photography hobby. Sister is not sure if she is living beside a senior or a student. Laugh, will need to try to avoid both when finishing up the changes in my room.

Change is also coming to the publishing industry quickly. I have been working for my company for fourteen plus years and I know that things are beginning to shift. I have survived quite a few seismic changes at work, not sure what 2013 will bring but gut instinct says change is going to happen much faster. In my opinion, the moment the publishing world tipped was when Steve Jobs proudly showed off his new love, the iPad and Amazon introduced the Kindle. Before that ebooks and the digital world was creeping into publishing but was only on the fringe of everyone’s thinking. Now we are beginning to watch the slow death of physical books an unthinkable thought when I started in the industry.

Not that change is something I fear (well okay maybe a little). I know it is inevitable. I was around for the birth and near end of life of several devices like fax machines, modems, telephones (!) and the desktop computer. Who ever thought the birth of computers, the internet and mobile devices, would revolutionize and even completely destroy certain industries.

I always had a good instincts when it comes to change. I remember getting into an argument with a teacher in college, who declared that online sales were a fad and that it would eventually disappear as fast as it arrived. I knew that was so false, with increases in the double digits online sales were here to stay. Not that I knew at the time that internet would eventually change the retail world and give birth to whole new industries.

Change is coming for me too. Not sure what I will find on the other side of 40. It took me awhile to realize my dreams at the naive age of 16 would be no where close to reality. Always thought I would have two teenage kids at this point. Instead I have a twelve year old psycho kitty!

I have a few goals that I want to try and complete in my second part of life. I really want to make this the best years of life. I am still trying to untangle ideas and set goals for the next phase. At the moment writing them down makes them feel more real and for now not sure I want to set goals in stone so to speak. At some point I will create a blog post but not quite ready for that yet.


PS. I apparently changed my mind on trying to reboot blog with shorter posts!


Saturday Fun at the Show

Today was a day for a bit of fun and drooling over lots of digital photography equipment and other fun gadgets. Dad and I headed out this morning to the Henry’s Digital Photography show at the International centre near the Toronto Airport. Not a big show but fascinating to say the least to wander around at, all the major camera vendors are there and a lot of smaller vendors who specializes in some pretty creative gadgets.

Funny enough, Dad and I became a fascination for one man we ran into who was surprised to see me hanging out with my Dad at a camera show. One thing I did observe is everyone at the show was pretty friendly; Dad had several conversations with attendees and vendors.

I had promised to behave myself especially this is a selling show and there are a lot of deals to be had. I was doing great until I fell in love with a very cool camera bag from Kata Bags. An incredibly light weight well designed bag that comes with a rain cover that can be used for the bag or camera, great pockets and an ergonomically designed shoulder strap. It was one of those had to have it moments. As I was buying that the gentleman at Henry’s pointed out that my camera didn’t have a UV filter to protect my lens from scratches and smudges. I figured I would rather prefer to replace a UV filter then a costly lens!

I definitely now have a list of items I wish to purchase in the near future. Sony has a new compact flash coming shortly that will be perfect for my purposes. Not a very powerful flash but allows you to bounce or use direct light with a flip of a switch. The flash is also small enough to not add a lot of extra weight to my camera.  I am also very interested in an Epson Artisan 700 printer that has a scanner built in. The printer is very slick and is wireless. No more wires is sweet, I could print from any room in the house. I just love equipment with no wires.

Overall a good day for dreaming and spending a lot of money in my head!