There is a first for everything – photography journey continues.

I had the fun of doing my first newborn photoshoot for a friend. If you ever going try this hope you get has lucky as I did and get a very sleepy and calm infant. Evan started off life almost comatose, once a sleep he stays a sleep. The biggest fuss I had was when Evan got the hiccups, was none too pleased by them!

After doing a lot of research, figured out what would be best to bring with me. Brought two very soft blankets, one basket (found at Winners), a neck pillow, a big flat square pillow and a drying rack (yep this was my solution to no bean bag, two racks stacked allowed me some height so baby wasn’t flat on the floor!).  I also had an assistant which was my sister. Erica was a great help and has been doing research with me on what to do and what not to do.

I then scouted my friends house for the best source of light. It happened to be on the second floor near the stairs with a huge window nearby. Allowed for the perfect soft light and I didn’t have to use a flash. This was a big relief because I have a very small flash and it has been a bit of challenge to use (on my list to upgrade).

I learned a lot on this photoshoot, some as I went and some after the fact. I can see why photographers use a bean bag it does make it easier to pose for the head on hand shots. My solution of a fluffy pillow and neck brace worked but not as well as hoped.

I also need to remember to tuck tags in and remove price tags before shooting. Rookie mistake but thankfully it wasn’t hard to remove in Photoshop.

I am also still struggling with exposure when there is a super bright source of light behind subjects. Hope to learn spot metering at some point which should correct the issue.

I also need to remember where my light source is coming from and try maximize usage of it. Had a tendency to have my light source on Evan’s butt instead of head when he was in the basket. Just as a side note, my friend only wanted semi -nude photos so Evan has a diaper on. No big deal just did faux nudes where I shot from the waist up!

I also remembered to keep shooting. My friends favourite photos were what I would class as outtakes. Although these show Evan’s already developing personality. The other outtake was when Daddy thought his finger was outside of the frame.

In the end got some great photos that my friends will cherish and I got a chance at a great learning experience.

If you would like to see the set I posted on Flickr for this shoot it is located here.