Toronto Photo Expo, Tours and Festivals

Toronto Photo Expo, Tours and Festivals (as of March 12th 2013)

Toronto Urban Photography Festival
March 9th to March 13th 2013

Photo Network Expo
April 6th to April 7th 2013

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival
May 1st to May 31st 2013

Intro to Photography Tour
Sunday May 27th 10am to 2pm
Sunday May 27th 6pm to 10pm

Exposure Photo & Video Imaging Show
Presented by Henry’s
May 31st to June 2nd 2013

ProFusion 2013 Pro Imaging Expo
Presented by Vistek
June 18th to June 19th 2013

June 14th to June 23rd 2013



Happy New Year!

Not sure why but I have not had as much energy for writing for my poor neglected blog. At the time of writing stranded in Fort Erie due to my sister getting the flu and a significant snowstorm. I don’t drive so I can not assist on getting us home!

It has been very busy with camera club, family and the holidays. Plus a few changes at work including one unexpected resignation. Still adjusting to not having a person whom I highly respected and was a great supporter of me no longer working with me. Tough it occurred just as I was goodbye to the President of our Canadian company, a man I knew for 14 plus years.

Everything changes in time just seems there have been a lot recently and more on the horizon. It is making me think and very restless. Time moves at a swift pace and approaching my second half of life is a scary thought. Never thought I would be single, no kids, and no real dates in eight years as I move closer to 40. Finances are pretty scary too, I try but need to try better on savings and retirement.

Trying to stay focused on my photography but it has been a bit of a struggle both for time and creativity. Camera club position entails administration work, emails and keeping lots of stuff organized. Fun but when you add leading workshops, outings and other extras it gets a bit crazy! Been a few challenges but trying to tough them out.

Newest hobby is trying to get back into film. Have managed to acquire a Canon AE-1 and a Konica. Have the Canon ready to go but not the Konica yet. Canon will be fun, it has a long range telephoto, a macro and a 50mm. A good selection of lens. Also have a variety of film mostly 400asa just to start. Hoping a group of club members who like the idea of “going retro” can meet up early in the new year.

Other than that need to stay focused on reaching a few goals in the New Year. I am not big on putting them in stone but will post the ones I manage to succeed at!

Here’s to 2013 bringing love, happiness, prosperity and lots of fun challenges.

Happy New Year!

Andrea Gimblett



Hitting The Wall


Quietly sitting her waiting for sleep to come but have lots of thoughts rattling around my brain. It is slowly dawning on me that I have hit a plateau with my photography or maybe better described as a few forks in the road.

My creativity, ideas moving a forward a mile a minute, technical is more of a slow grind. This what is causing some of my frustration. I create good solid photos when I take a deep breathe, calm the nerves and try to stay simple. When I try something a little more outside of the box it gets complicated.

Have been improving get much better shots to work with now. Which then I unleash my creavity using Lightroom, Color Efex Pro 4 and Photshops Elements. I have achieved some success in creating photos more like I invisioned with post processing (see Niagara Cottages) Just wish I could do more in camera.

Struggling greatly with adding flash to my knowledge base but again it is hit and miss. Know my rebel ways are not making this easy, there is one remote trigger for my Sony. Not even sure if it is shipping yet. Can use flash wirelessly but haven’t quite got that managed, Still struggling with TTL, rear & front triggers and adjusting for room lighting.

Know I just need to keep at it but tough when I do a lot of my photography in isolation. Had one great camera club outing to the zoo which I did figure out a few new tricks. Just wish I could afford some of the more expensive workshops but for now way outside my budget.

For now one big goal is to read the stacks of photobooks sitting on my floor. With the hope that something provides an ephinany, new direction or motivates me to try something new.

Will do a more detailed post when I get a little more downtime! For now its off to bed.


Crazy Month of November

Been awhile for posting but have to say it has been a crazy month! Not a whole lot of photography but lots of work and personal stuff. Decided to post before I turn 38 tomorrow. You know I am getting old!

Photography has been on the back burner although I still need to sort 400 plus photos from a fundraising event at the end of October. Then need to edit which I hope won’t take too long. This event was a challenge for lighting for an indoor event. Did discover reflector tape can mess with a camera’s sensor!

Managed to submit four photos to camera club’s first competition. Improved on scores a touch from last year but this going to be another rough competition season. At the rate I am going I will be a novice till I am old and grey. You need a certain number of award of merits (AM) and honorable mentions (HM) to move up. My record stands at one AM and one HM from last year! Biggest issue is judges who will not “think outside the box”, break a rule you get deducted marks. On the rare occasion you do get a few judges who award for creativity but not very often.

This months biggest task has been dealing with the aftermath of a second flood in our apartment. This time the floor lifted in several large spots, ceiling stained in living-room and kitchen counter warped. Thank you to parents who arrived at 9pm at night from Fort Erie on a Wednesday to assist with clean-up! We had to wash every dish in the cupboards, dry out a stove and dry out lights.

This all occurred in the middle of me having to complete an emergency work project. Thankfully had an understanding boss since I had to work from home or take time off to deal with management, arrangements, keys, clean-up and packing (plus unpacking).

The big adventure was having to move two adults and three cats to a guest suite for several days. Two of our cats, Mickey & Rajah have never been anywhere but here. Mickey also has a big aversion to carriers. Mickey and surprisingly Cleo weathered the move like pros. Both adjusted fairly quickly. Rajah on the other hand was not pleased. Spent most of his time in the guest suite in the bedrooms. He was also not feeling the love from the ladies of the house. He got hissed at a lot and Mickey even swatted him a few times. Never seen a cat so glad to be home, Erica who carried him in the elevator (and is now deaf from yowls) watched him jet out of the elevator and impatiently bang head on door for in.

The two adults were okay other than having no internet at night and watching TV old school. Basic cable with a very small TV. Erica’s biggest concern was missing sweeps month. She jury rigged the TV in our apartment to be plugged in and attached to cable. Workers did not unplug cable and nothing was missed much to my sister’s relief.

Apartment looks pretty good, floors are shiny and ceiling is white. Only wish building would hire true professionals. My toes and ball of foot are immortalized in varnish unless I can figure out how to fix! Hadn’t realized a puddle of varnish (workers spilled?!) is still semi-soft. Warm sunshine and a warm foot was all that was needed to put my mark on the floor. New rule socks at all times till floor cures.

Next will be finishing up fixing the flood damage. Realized just as we finished up the last of the packing the kitchen ceiling is now peeling and cracking. Just praying that none of our plaster walls crumble like after the first flood.

Plus some decisions will need to be made about the lights that took the brunt of the water damage. Sister’s favorite ceiling fan has been soaked twice. Remote controls fried the first time the second time has added to corrosion. Only problem fans are expensive so this will have to wait till next year. Kitchen light is in okay shape will be fine after a good cleaning but will need to reassess next year too. The only light needing immediate replacement is a floor lamp, base crumpled and at the moment is being held up by a wall!

We now have the cleanest apartment in Toronto if not all of Canada. Good thing too since there is a party this afternoon. Nothing like a previously planned birthday party to speed up unpacking, reorganizing furniture and clean-up. For those who have asked will post photos of apartment as soon as I get a moment.

Crossing fingers the rest of 2011 to be uneventful, although I probably just jinxed it!

PS Had to write this while dealing with a very clingy Cleo. She was determined to interrupt my typing by banging elbow and rubbing head on iPad! At the moment she is finally napping quietly beside me. Phew!

Beautiful Summer Day Post

Haven’t been in the mood to do much writing has been super busy and I have been working on work projects in the evening. The mood struck while sitting in my parents beautiful little sun room that they have lovingly created. I get to sit bug free outside listening to the birds and the lawnmowers. Dad decided on Father’s Day that the lawn needed mowing. At least he is out of his computer dungeon 🙂

Been a hectic spring already but at least I am finding time for my photography. Attended a great seminar by Jay Maisel that provided a lot of insight. I love the fact that he focuses on everything but the technical. The point I will always remember is that it is about capturing the moment or gesture not all the other stuff that can clutter a photo. Photo may not be technically perfect but if it moves you then it was successful. Something I really wish some camera club judges would hone in on this point. When editing photos to keep and to not to keep will look at them with a different perspective.

Applied a few of Maisel’s wisdom at the event I was shooting this weekend. Tried to focus on capturing the mood and moments on the cruise. Concerned with the background and what was within the frame but knew if I there was no way of shifting or moving to just capture the moment. I have 535 photos to edit not all are keepers and some I took for my personal enjoyment Who could resist when you are on Lake Ontario on a gorgeous summer day. New lesson is to have a better sunscreen on, got a tad burnt especially on my nose and cheeks. The sun is definitely getting stronger as the years have passed. As soon as I have some photos edited I will do another post.

Next up is a two part engagement shoot in July. Not sure how but I have been asked to get the bride to be with fiancee and her nephew in front of a peacock at the zoo. This maybe one challenge that is beyond my skills. Going to need a bit of luck. Second part will be easier it is at a beach. I mostly just need a diffuser for my flash or possibly a portable umbrella. I know this beach has great shaded areas so will need to create fill light. Still haven’t mastered my flash so this will be a challenge.

Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s out there!

Silencing the chatter

I started this blog to kick start my writing skills and document some of my adventures. The only problem is I keep getting a type of writing block. I am finding the extra chatter going in my head has a tendency to slow down my ability to figure out what to write. Way too many ideas end up being crammed in there and then everything just gets all tangled up.

Silencing the chatter or at least trying to quiet it all down to a dull roar is the only way I can focus. Once I have it somewhat quiet that is when I can finally get things moving forward. The last few months have been all about challenges, learning and meeting goals. I am not normally one to set goals since I usually never meet them. In light of this I have been keeping my goals simple.

One of my big goals is moving my photography forward. One step toward that is trying to find something anything to shoot as often as I can. Unfortunately with the weather this has somewhat involved driving my cats insane (full set). The other part of meeting this goal is to finally explore the city I was born in, funny how little of it I have explored.  Some explorations have been not so successful like my visit to Guildwood Park (full set) where I somehow managed to have the wrong f-stop most of the time. My first visit to High Park (full set) was better although a little early not many flowers or trees were in bloom. The other part of this goal is to attend seminars where possible. I have signed up to see Jay Maisel in June and Scott Kelby in July.

The other major news of the year is that I have offered to be the secretary and newsletter editor for the camera club I am a member of. This is will be interesting with my pretty busy work life. Not sure what I was thinking but I know this will make for an extra crazy summer.

Now on to planning more blog posts or at least I will try!

New post for my poor neglected blog!

My poor neglected blog, it has been sorely ignored for the last couple of months. It seems I blinked and January turned into March. Partially parents are to blame, they made a last minute decision to move from Toronto to Fort Erie in under three weeks. Most of February was spent helping them move. It was a miserable weekend we picked, wind storm, snow and bitter cold then it took two loads of a 26 foot truck. Not something I am repeating anytime soon. I am warm and cozy at my current address!

Other reason for no post is that I have not had my camera in my hand since January. I have not had any time for my photography hobby. I did have a few fun camera club workshops, one on portraits and one on Lightroom 3. The other reality I am dealing with is that I am in need of upgrading my camera if I want to continue photographing indoor and night events. I have been doing some research and the Sony camera I would like is only available in the US. Just trying to work out whether I can fit the expense into my budget. At least with the a580 model I am considering it will use the same batteries and accessories as my current a300 model. Making the upgrade a little more affordable partially why I am not switching brands.

I do have a new toy though that I am having a lot of fun learning. I managed in January to win an iPad. It does not leave my side. I have been integrating into work and home. It has been great to practically go paperless and have a easy way to make notes during meetings. I have also become the unofficial iPad trainer at work. Although if I have a tough question to solve I just go to my friend and sales rep who has had one a lot longer than me. I even managed to write this post in Pages then pasting into the WordPress app. Favourite iPad apps so far:

National Geographic (I can get the monthly magazine again!)
PDF Expert
Vevo (a great Video app by Sony)
Early Edition

I have conditioned myself to download only paid apps that I will use mostly I have been trying to stick to the free ones if possible. Hoping soon to get a chance to explore the photograpy apps now that Spring is coming and I can get out for some just for fun shooting days.

So much for a short & sweet catch-up post but that is what happens when I take a couple of months to post. Hopefully the next one will be sooner and will contain some photos!